Mentor/Mentee Program

Participants in the Mentor/Mentee Program will be sorted into a "Pharmily" during the fall quarter, which are led by PPS officers. Through family competitions and activities that occur during the entire school year, we hope to create a tight-knit community of pre-pharmacy students.

Becoming a Mentor

For potential mentors, mentoring gives you the extraordinary opportunity to facilitate a mentee's personal and professional growth by sharing knowledge you have gained about pharmacy. You will be able to strengthen your leadership and mentorship skills, and create a legacy that has a lasting impact on your mentee(s). Applying mentors must be a current member and have had at least one year of experience in PPS, either as a past member or past officer.

~To become a Mentor, simply fill out and submit the PPS-Mentor Application

Becoming a Mentee

For potential mentees, the PPS Mentor/Mentee Program is the perfect opportunity for you to establish a professional and personal relationship with a pre-pharmacy role model. Some benefits of this program include assistance with academic planning, exposure to pharmacy knowledge, support and encouragement, and development of interpersonal relationships. Applying mentees must be a current member of PPS.

~To become a Mentee, simply fill out and submit the PPS-Mentee Application

We look forward to reading your applications!