Mission Statement

The Pre-Pharmacy Society (PPS) at UC San Diego aims to educate interested students about the various fields of pharmacy, inform them about current events in the world of pharmacy, and guide them through the admission processes for pharmacy schools. We strive to create a friendly and beneficial environment for students to gain pharmacy-related knowledge and experience through our mentorship programs, internship opportunities, volunteer events and private tours of local pharmaceutical companies. PPS is a wonderful place to prepare you in becoming an emerging leader in the field of pharmacy.

Past Events

Throughout the year PPS engages in various outings, volunteer opportunities, and bonding events. Below are the details of some events. Please consult the calendar for upcoming events.


PPS members can volunteer at many different opportunities provided for them. Events include the Relay for Life, Breast Cancer Awareness walk, Soup Kitchens, and various other local endeavors. Please contact our volunteer coordinators for upcoming volunteer opportunities.


Many times throughout the year, PPS hosts various social events. The purpose for these events are to create a friendly atmosphere and encourage bonding amongst members. Events include bowling, eating out, ice skating, movie nights, Boomers, and many more! These events will be publicly announced.


Every quarter PPS hosts fun sports events. Come out and join the fun! They are a great way to de-stress and to stay in shape.

General Body Meetings

In addition to general club meetings and announcements, general body meetings (GBMs) consist of pharmacy schools coming and giving us presentations regarding their school. These meetings are helpful because they give us a preview of each pharmacy school and the differences between them. Schools that come to give PPS presentations include: UOP, UCSF, USC, UCSD, Western University, California Northstate University, Campbell University, and others.